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– “I once got so drunk that I saw in my mind the entirety of my being condensed into a single QR code.”

“No way. Like a square barcode?”

– “Well, yeah… but it was shaped like Italy.”


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“What is the sexiest quality a woman can have?”

– “Loyalty. Devotion. Haven’t met a single goddamned one.”

“Maybe you only notice the physically attractive women.”

– “No. Even the ugliest of bitches believe they deserve a Romeo, and even they cheat on their men because they believe they deserve better. There are over 7 billion humans on Earth. The bible says Jesus will save ten thousand. Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe there are ten thousand good people.”

Story of My Life

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“You’re an emotional child.”

–  “Actions speak louder than words. Who is the one name-calling? Is that really how you treat a child?”

The Prestige

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Physically speaking, seeing your face is the equivalent of seeing a magic trick that isn’t sleight of hand or smoke and mirrors. It’s like seeing a real magic trick. That feeling.