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I haven’t asked for a raise in over a decade in the labor industry. You want to find a freeloader? Find one who protests too much.


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It’s really hard to find a person who doesn’t harbor resentment for people who have less and are happier than him/her. I was pretty sure that was the goal of the human race… to not force future generations to endure the iniquity we did. If every individual faced the same challenges as their progenitors faced we never would have invented the wheel, or toilet paper.

“Life is hard ya know,
Oh way oh,
So strike a pose on a Cadillac.”


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If dreams are past lives I die like every other night. I’ve had dreams of being tomahawked in the back at the Alamo… being shot in the face by a sniper in WW2… being eaten alive by a lion. The list goes on. It’s no wonder I hate sleeping. Half the time it’s a pleasant dream and the other half I’m being destroyed by something for no apparent reason.


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“These chains are just here to keep it from falling.”

– “Yes… that is the definition of load bearing.”

“We don’t need to make them really tight.”

– “I don’t think you understand the concept of load bearing.”

Original Sin

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Dear God,

How gracious it is of you to, through my endless and unconditional service, award me a life consistent with that of being completely alone.


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I realize just how cheesy and ridiculous the songs are that I listen to while I’m drunk. What I don’t realize is how much I care.


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