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Posted in Uncategorized on February 19, 2015 by immorticon

“How would you like it if someone wanted to change you? Like you’re flawed and should be fixed?”

Oh, I don’t know… wanted. Cared about. Desired. Like someone is willing to put work into a relationship rather than walking away because of any little difference to save herself from her own feelings instead of considering what I want like I would do for her. I would probably feel like a valued asset in her life that she feels the need to protect and improve rather than an ever-present liability to her fragile emotional state. I would feel like I’m with a rational person who acknowledges that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t stop her from trying anyway for the person she loves…


Ancient Future

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I don’t miss things. I only feel nostalgia for the ancient past and things that will only happen thousands of years from now. Time is simultaneous and variables are all around. A house is a house, a school is a school. There aren’t any points in my life that evoke any real emotions when recalled. Except Encarta, thinking about Encarta brings a tear to my eye. Such ambition…

Right In Front of Your Nose

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9:00AM: “Ugh, what a headache…”

12:00PM: “I seem to be experiencing mildly disturbing visual phenomena similar to that of a migraine but i don’t have a headache.”

3:00PM: “Yeah, there are definitely some notable intermittent disturbances in my field of vision.”

9:00PM: “Ugh, I don’t understand why these symptoms aren’t going away…”

11:00PM: “Hellz yeah, time to drink!”

1:00AM: “If I’m not seeing double I’m obviously not drunk enough!”

3:00AM: “Ohh yeah, that’s the shit.”


‘Tis Better To Have Loved

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My shot glass has fallen into such disuse that I found it at the far back of the cupboard. Like all the way against the backboard. It’s been that long since I’ve used it. Good for me, right? I’ve just been drinking straight from the bottle…


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I saw quinoa in the hallway closet before it was cool. And it’s still sitting there…

I’ve been eating boxes of mac and cheese with a half stick of butter.