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I just want to take this empty 40-ounce, break it over a rock, and stab a nigga in the face. I don’t mean a black person either. I mean one of these applewood bacon-loving mortgage-paying white motherfuckers.


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T: “7 partners isn’t that many for a female my age.”

T: “You’re saying I can’t get anyone better than you?”

Yes, explicitly even.


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I’ve seen and been through too much idiocy. I don’t get angry, I get cold. The only thing left that brings me any comfort is knowing that every one of these asshats in the world will grow old, suffer, and die… that this ignorance cannot continue forever.


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I used to be strongly against smoking. If I went back in time and talked to my former self it’d probably go something like…

“From heartbreak to pollution in the air, to pesticides in vegetables, preservatives in food, chemicals in water, war, financial problems, global warming and just plain stress, of all the things that are slowly killing you there will come a day when you feel entitled to enjoy at least one of them.”