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Being a male who actually cares is like being a mother with no authority whatsoever. More than anything for myself I want her to be happy and healthy, but she rebels. She shuts me out and all the worst imaginable scenarios run through my head and there’s nothing I can do. For all I know she’s helpless and I am hopeless to help her. It’s agony. Endless agony.

The Awkward Truth

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Heaven can’t trust me Hell. Their chains are particularly expensive.

The Flip

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It’s ironic how a person will cling to a job they hate until they’re fired all the while knowing their labor is being taken advantage of to make someone else even more money and yet they’ll leave a relationship in a heartbeat if they feel like they could do better… as if work is their love and relationships are strictly business.

Convenient for the corporate takeover of life as we know it.